From time-to-time you may need to re-instate an archived employee.

Here are the steps:
1. Open the Archive by going to System > Archive
(If you can't see the Sytem menu, your log in may not have sufficient permissions. See your Focus Administrator to help with that)

2. Find and click on the name of the employee in the Archived section (the bottom half of the window)

3. Click on the Go To Current button -  and click OK. 
The employee's name will then appear in the Current section (top half of the window)

4. The last step is to re-send the employee to the clock(s) you want them to use
To do that, go to their Employee Details window, in the Clock tab

5. Simply check the boxes of the clock(s) you want this employee to use.
Then click on the Update Clocks button.

NOTE: If you are using biometric devices - i.e. face scan or fingerprint, and the employee's biometric data has either never been saved or has been deleted, you will need to re-scan their face or fingerprints at the clock(s)