Download Icon 

Clicking on this button will enable you to do a manual download of clocking times to the timesheets.

As such it can only be performed by a PC with direct connectivity to the clocks. 

You should always Download before checking Timesheets that may contain recent clockings. 

NOTE: FOCUS is usually installed with a Service which will automatically Download the clocks periodically for you, so you will not need to manually Download the terminals. The normal frequency for this is every 5 minutes (300 seconds)

(To see how to manage this setting, see Focus - System Settings, Connections )

Clicking on the Download button causes the selected clocks to send information relating to all clockings that have been made since the last time they were downloaded. 

To select the clocks (terminals) you wish to download from,
simply check the boxes of each one. >>>

Or check the All box.

And then click on the Download button.

The clockings will automatically appear in the timesheets.

To download this article, click on the PDF below