NOTE: Focus v3.169 or later is needed to use this feature.
To upgrade your Focus version, please contact our Sales Department.

To enable Multi-tier Timesheet Approval, go to System | System Setup

Choose the Timesheet Tab at the top of the window,and the General Tab at the bottom.

Check the Timesheet Approval checkbox and pull down the menu.

From here you can choose how many tiers of approval you need.

Once this has been activated, the timesheets then show the status 

of the approval in stages which are colour-coded.

Once the selected level of approval has been reached, the Approved button turns green indicating the approval is complete.

The final step is to allocate the level of approval each Focus User can do.

Go to System | User Setup

Select the User's name from the list and select the Timesheets Tab at the bottom 

You can then choose whether they can approve Level 1, 2, or 3.

NOTE: All Users with Administrator status can automatically approve all levels.

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