Focus - Times, Rounded Times

Times that have been rounded on the timesheet are indicated by a rounded time that appears next to the mouse pointer when it hovers over the time on the timesheet:

Rounded times are determined by the setting in the Daily Rule.
(To see how to set or turn off Rounding, see Focus - Schedules, Daily Rules - Rounding Tab 

The example above shows a Grace period of 10 minutes (the first number in parentheses) with an Increment of 15 minutes (the second number in parentheses).

This means any IN clocking which is up to 10 minutes late will be rounded back to the previous 15 minutes.

After that, it will round forward to the next 15 minutes.

When this rounding is applied to an IN time of 08:03, it produces a Rounded time of 08:00.

NOTE: The rounding is used to calculate the correct hours in the rates columns. However, it will not alter the original clock IN/OUT times.

It will also not Round the total hours in the rates columns.

The "i" after a clocking indicates an Infringement, which is a clocking that is late or early but that is outside the allowed Grace period.

Infringements can be turned on and off in Focus by clicking on Schedules | Daily Rules, selecting the appropriate Daily Rule, then choosing the Exceptions Tab.

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