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Infringement monitoring is a powerful tool to measure time lost through poor time keeping. 

Infringements are clocking times that have broken the Daily Rules for that employee or group. 

Infringements are shown on the Timesheet as a clocking with a letter 'i' attached.  

The reason and time lost is shown in the status bar at the bottom of the timesheet when you hover the mouse pointer over the infringement clocking. 

The type of infringements you want to show on the timesheets are set on the Daily Rule | Exceptions tab: 



Infringement Reports can be generated to show how much time has been lost through poor time keeping.

(To see how to generate infringement reports, see Focus - Reports, Infringements )

Removing/Authorising Infringements: 

Infringements are not normally removed (unlike Exceptions) as they are intended to record permanently poor timekeeping.

However, an Infringement may be removed by clicking on the time and either editing the time to stop it being irregular, or authorising the infringement. 

Once Authorised the clocking on the timesheet is shown in blue (edited) followed by the letter 'a'.


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