The system records employee clocking times and calculates the hours to pay based on the rules you supply. 


The Daily Rule forms the basis for this calculation and describes how you want to apply breaks, overtime and rounding calculations for a particular day's clockings. You can design as many different Daily Rules as you need. For instance, you would have one Daily Rule for a 8am to 5pm working day and another for an 8am to 12pm day.


Daily Rules are then combined into a Work Schedule or a Rota. ( See Focus - Schedules, Work Schedules & Focus - Schedules, Rota - Set up, Create & Duplicate )

A Work Schedule describes a pattern of Daily Rules that repeats over time, usually over a period of a week but the period can be set to any number of days.  The Rota allows you to set up each employee's future Daily Rule for any day by comparison with other members of a Group.


You can also specify Weekly Rules ( See Focus - Schedules, Weekly Rules ) to apply at the end of a week specifically to adjust Overtime calculations on a weekly basis.

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