General Tab

In the General Tab area, you will decide on some basic information for your Daily Rules.

Short Code: A free-text cell where you decide a unique short code to easily identify this particular rule.

Name: A more detailed name for the rule, which usually contains some rule details e.g. Days of the week and start/finish times.

Start Time & End Time: These are not used to allocate overtime etc. Rather they are used to trigger Exceptions e.g. Late starts, early finishes etc.
If the start/end times are varied or flexible, set these times to 00:00 & 24:00 respectively.

Standard Hours: This is the number of hours allocated when Booking Absences, that is, if you elect to Book Hours from Schedule when allocating Annual Leave, Sick Leave, RDO days etc. This amount does not affect how the timesheet calculates the hours from the clockings. Be sure to select the appropriate Normal Rate that you want these hours to be paid.


Use Standard / Calculate Radio Buttons: These are used to change how the total hours for the day are calculated when using the Rota  (manual rostering) feature. You can choose to have the Standard Hours automatically chosen or you can choose to have the hours calculated by the Daily Rule. You will need to select the Calculate button if you wish to manually enter the Start and End time on the Rota.
(See Focus - Schedules, Rota - Advanced Features )


Shifts over Midnight: For a shift that spans midnight, you can elect to pay the hours on the first day (the day the shift starts) or the second day (the day the shift ends).


Exclude Break Clockings: Causes FOCUS to ignore all clocking's other than the First IN and Last OUT. This is useful if you want to monitor how long employees are taking for breaks but you don't want the breaks calculated on the timesheets.


Auto Allocate: When you design an employee's Work Schedule you can specify several Daily Rules that could be worked on a day.
For instance, a shift worker may work 08:00-16:00, 16:00-24:00, or 00:00-08:00. In this case you would programme all 3 Daily Rules for each working day and let the system automatically allocate one of the 3 Daily Rules depending on when the employee clocks in. In the example above, if the employee clocks IN between 07:00 and 09:00 he/she will be put onto this shift.
If no Daily Rules can be allocated, the system will use the Default Daily Rule.


Auto Clock Out: Selecting this option allows the employee to clock onto a Daily Rule and have the system automatically clock him/her out.


Daily Rule Details: This is a free text memo field that is initialised with the date the rule was created and by whom. You can use it to record reasons and dates of changes. 


Open Shifts: If you wish to 'pay by the hour' i.e. not have a fixed Start and End Time, set the Start Time to 00:00 and the End Time to 24:00.

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