Schedules menu - Daily Rules - Overtime-1 Tab


Focus gives you up to 8 time bands for a 24- hour period and lets you specify the rates of pay (1 to 6) for each of the time bands. 

( To see how to set up the Rate Bands see Focus - System Setup, Rates Tab )

You can also specify a minimum time that must be worked to accrue any hours in that band.


You can specify bands in any order,  however you will find it easier to follow if you keep the bands in time order.
Focus will not allow you to programme overlapping time bands.
NOTE: Hours worked at times that are not programmed will not be paid. In the example below, work done before 07:00 or after 19:00 will be ignored and will not be allocated to a pay rate on the timesheet.


In the example above, the shift pays at Rate ORD from 08:00 to 17:00.

Time worked before the shift is also paid at Rate ORD but is limited to 1 hour (07:00 to 08:00) and will not be paid if less than 15 minutes has accrued. That is because the Min. is set to 00:15 for that time period.

Time worked after the shift ends will be paid at Rate OT1.5 up to a maximum of 2 hours but will not be paid if less than 30 minutes has accrued.

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