Schedules menu - Daily Rules - Overtime-2 Tab


Use Overtime-2 tab to program the system to allocate overtime to hours worked after a set number of hours, rather than at set times of the day. (To allocate overtime based on the time of day, see Focus - Schedules, Daily Rules, Overtime-1 Tab )

The example above shows how you would set up a shift to pay the first 8 hours at ORD (Rate 1), then up to 2 more hours at OT1.5 (Rate 2), then the rest of the shift at OT2.0 (Rate 3).


Overtime-2 tab settings can be used in conjunction with Overtime-1 tab settings.

However, Overtime-1 settings are calculated first.


NOTE:  When you create a new Daily Rule, Overtime-2 will be set up with rate 1 flowing to rate 1, Rate 2 to Rate 2 etc, which causes Overtime-2 to have no effect. 

However, when you clone a Daily Rule , the Overtime-2 settings will be copied from the old rule to the new rule, so you may need to check and adjust the settings.


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