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Where employees breaks do not fall into precisely defined time bands it may be impossible to use Break Bands. In this case Focus can apply Break rules after the employee has worked a certain amount of time.

Focus provides for four breaks, each with several options which allow you to specify how the breaks will be applied. This feature can be used in conjunction with the Break Bands. Break Band calculations are applied first, followed by the Break After rules.


Disable this feature by setting the 'Deduct at Rate' to 0 (default)


If the employee does not take a break in the specified period a Penalty Break is deducted. 

In the example above, after 6 Hours, if the employee has not taken a break, 30 minutes is deducted. The deduction is made gradually after the 06:00. With the setting above, the following timesheet is produced -->

 So the employee accumulates time up to 6.0 hours paid, then the next 30 minutes is not paid, and after 6.5, time is again accumulated.


If the employee does clock for a break, there are 3 options you can select, depicted under 'Break Clocked'.


Deduct Longer of 'Allowed' and 'Clocked'

 This deducts any break that the employee clocks. If this is not as long as the Break Allowed then the total 'Break Allowed' is deducted. NOTE: When the Break Allowed is deducted it is done so progressively as in the case of the Penalty Break.


Deduct 'Allowed' as well as 'Clocked'

 In this case, the employee is not expected to clock for a break, so the Break Allowed will be added to any break that the employee clocks. 


Deduct 'Clocked'

 This has the effect of not applying a Break and pays the employee the hours worked. 

NOTE: The penalty Break still applies if the employee does not take a break.


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