Schedules menu - Daily Rules - Bonus Tab


The Bonus Tab allows you to apply an Attendance or Shift Bonus when this Daily Rule is worked.


For each of the four rules the user can set a trigger point for the total hours worked on the shift before the Bonus is paid. 

Then the Bonus is paid as a number of hours at one of the 6 rates of pay. 

To set an automatic Bonus, where time is given for working on the shift, set the 'Hours Worked' to 00:00.




 In the example above, Bonus 1 is paid automatically. So an employee on this shift would get an extra 2hrs paid at OT1.5 regardless of the hours worked.

Then, if they worked more than 10:00 hours, Bonus 2 would be applied and they would be paid an extra 2hrs at OT2.0.

The timesheet would look like this: 

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