Schedules menu - Daily Rules - Exceptions Tab

The Exceptions Tab allows you to customize how Focus generates Exceptions.

These Exceptions are notifications that the total hours being paid are outside acceptable parameters.

So, the timesheet needs to be amended before being approved.

                        There are 4 different exceptions you can create --> 

In this example, Exceptions will be generated under the following conditions:

  • If the ORD hours are Less Than 07:36 (7.6) – highlighted in yellow
  • If the OT1.5 hours are More Than 02:00 – highlighted in blue
  • If any OT2.0 hours are shown on the timesheet
    i.e. More Than 000:000 – highlighted in pink

To see the Exceptions generated by these settings, simply click on the Exceptions icon 

This will open up the Exceptions menu.

Here you will see a list of all the exceptions for that time period, including the employee’s name and the date the exception occurred.

Clicking on the date of an exception will take you directly to that day on that employee’s timesheet.

                You will see the timesheets entries in question shown in red.

From here you can manually adjust the times, if necessary, prior to locking the timesheet.

(To learn how to manually edit timesheets, see Focus - Times, Timesheet Editing )

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