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Rota is the manual rostering feature of Focus which allows you to make a roster for any amount of days - from one day to a year or more.

Use the Rota option if your employees' hours of work do not fit regular repeating patterns. Select a Group of employees and schedule the daily Rules they will be working on a given day. The timesheet then applies these rules to the clocked times.


Before you can use Rota for an employee or group of employees, their Work Schedule needs to be set to Uses Rota.

To do this for one employee, open their Employee Details window and select the Rules tab at the bottom of that window.

    Then, select Uses Rota from the Work Schedules menu. To set an entire group of employees to Uses Rota, right click the name of the group from the Employee treeview and click on the pop-up.

 Then make the following selections --> 

And click on Apply.

The Group (in this case Factory) will also need to be Rota Enabled like this -->

You can now click on the Rota icon to open the window - being sure to select the appropriate group as shown circled and the right date:



1. The first method is to left click the cell and select from the list of Daily Rules. The User will be offered a short selection of Rules which will be Rules that the employee has been allocated before. Click on More... to expand the list of Rules to select from. 

To delete the shift from a cell, left click the shift rule in the cell and select the blank (empty) Rule. 

UXDSwdTANoMJhZmr_OX2itHlil6EQXDuUg.png  Alternatively, Right Click the cell and choose 'Clear Schedule'.


Add a second Rule (e.g. Split Shift) by Right Clicking the cell and selecting 'Add Daily Rule'.


2. The second method is to Drag and Drop Daily Rules from the treeview, which should be displayed on the left of your screen. 

If the treeview is open, you will see something like this:5gSFvgkxkWF1w-pLUN0GRroGr1y66c1aFQ.png

Now simply drag and drop the daily rule into the appropriate Rota cell.

If the treeview is not open, click 7CCkkhkH02VGdJAYfDMdurhCmAINM5q4-Q.png below the treeview area, or select Schedules | Daily Rules from the main menu. 

NOTE: There are two other more advanced methods for creating a roster.
            1 – Creating a roster from a Work Schedule

            2 – Manually entering Start/End times

To see how to use these features, see the support article Focus - Schedules, Rota - Advanced Features

HOW TO DUPLICATE A ROSTER (or part of a roster):

Once you have created a roster - whether for a day or a week - you can copy and paste it to other cells.

That can be within the same date range or different dates.

To select the cells you wish to copy, simply drag the mouse from the first cell to be copied to the last cell you wish to copy.

It will look like this: 

NOTE: If you wish to duplicate the entire roster for all employees for the entire week, you can Select All 

by clicking the empty cell above the first name in the list (see red arrow above).

Once the selection has been made, simply Right Click one of the highlighted cells and select Copy Schedule --> 

You will then need to highlight the same sized range of cells to copy them into.

That means the exact same number of rows and columns need to be selected.

Then simply right click a cell in the highlighted area and choose Paste Schedule from the menu.

Individual cells can be edited by left clicking them and choosing a replacement Daily Rule.

To download this article, click on the PDF below.