System menu -  Set up Users
If you have System Administrator rights you can set up System Users using the screen shown below:
The General Tab gives you the ability to set the Access Rights of a particular Supervisor to the various features within Focus.
Name: When you create a New User, you specify a short name and full name.
Password: The system sets up an initial password for a New User which will, by default, be the same as the User Name. The User should subsequently change this to a memorable password of his/her own choosing via the User - Password menu. The administrator can subsequently reset the password if it is forgotten to the same as the User Name.
Administrator:  Ticking the check box gives the user Administrator rights which allows access to all areas of the system. b: If you are an Administrator then you cannot change which permissions you have - you must have all of them. Only by unchecking Administrator on a User's Setup Screen can you then choose what to give or deny access to throughout the system.
The Object Tab:
The Object Tab allows you to fine tune what a Supervisor can do. For instance, a Supervisor may be set up to only have access to Groups of Employees under his/her supervision. Ability to produce reports may be limited to any subset of the reports on the system. Only certain types of absence booking may be permitted.
The Timesheet Tab:
You can also add Timesheet permissions on a user by user basis.