System menu -  Connections


The Connections screen allows you to configure how your PC or Server will connect to your clocking terminal(s). 

A PC may connect to more than one terminal, but only one at a time. 

The PC may connect via TCP/IP Ethernet, GPRS, COMM port and serial cable or USB via suitable converter. 

Your PC does not need to connect to the terminals to view timesheets, only to maintain employees on the clock, download the clockings, and manage templates.


When you click on System Settings | Connections, you will see this window >>>  

NOTE: These settings are usually done by ATS Tech Support. 

However, if you need to create a new connection, click on the New icon >>>

  1. Give the connection a name and Terminal ID number
  2. Pick the type of device and connection from the drop down lists
  3. And set up the Connection Properties which are dependant on the Connection type
  4. The Description box is to add a more details about the device if you wish (optional) 

NOTE: If these settings are inaccurately entered, it may result in the clock not being connected to your Focus system.

Your IT dept is in the best position to advise you on these settings.


Terminal ID: This must be a unique number within terminals in the Connection List. No two terminals can have the same number.This number must also be the Terminal number in the Menu of your clocking device.
(See your clocking device manual to see how to set this value)

TCP Connection Properties:

IP/Host is the IP address assigned to a device by your IT department or system administrator. The identical IP address needs to be programmed into the clocking terminal. 


Port Address: ZK Terminals from Aussie Time Sheets should be set to 4370

Download Schedule: 

This allows you to programme periodic automatic downloads of the clockings.

If Continuous is chosen, you will need to type the number of seconds between downloads >>> 
The usual time is 5 minutes (300 seconds). However, any interval can be chosen.
NOTE: Less than 300 seconds is not recommended since it takes time for the download to occur.
This is especially crucial if many devices are installed.

If Schedule is selected, type in the times of day the automatic download occurs.


Default Connection: The Focus Software has one Default Connection which will be selected when the Clock Utilities Screen is loaded. If you do not select a Default Connection, no connection will be selected when the screen opens and attempts to access the clock will result in communications errors.


Cost Centre: If you have defined Cost Centres on the System Setup | Cost centre tab, you can allocate a terminal to a Cost Centre. 


Update Employees: Depending on the configuration of your installation and the type of terminals used, you may need to add employees to more than one terminal for the purposes of recording clockings. Ticking this box causes the connection to be offered in the list of terminals to be updated on the Employee | Clock tab.