System Settings Set up - Rates tab 


FOCUS Pro can handle 6 Rates of Pay. FOCUS Enterprise can be configured for up to 40. 

Rate Descriptions: The rate columns are labelled by default as Rate 1, Rate 2, Rate 3 etc. You can name the headings up to 6 characters long. These heading names appear on the timesheets and on reports where the hours are shown by Rate. You can use some of the Rate columns, for example, for LEAVE and SICK, so that the system automatically sums the total hours for these absence reasons or types.


Summation Column: Where reports show hours worked, you have an extra column available which can be used to sum any of the Rate columns. You could use this, for instance, to produce a 'total overtime' column which would be the sum of columns 2 & 3 (highlighted yellow above). You can also define the heading name of the Summation Column in the same way that you can with the six Rate Columns (also highlighted yellow above)


Weekly Total: The Timesheet shows a Weekly Total Number of Hours worked which is usually the sum of hours worked at all rates. However, as it is possible to set some of the columns up as bonus hours or currency, you can specify here which of the rate columns contribute to the weekly Total Hours calculation.


Colours: Here you can define the colours which will represent the Rates on various graphical reports.


CAUTION NOTE: Once you have set the purpose of your rates and designed Daily Rules to allocate hours to those rates, it is very difficult and time-consuming to change the purpose of existing rate columns. Therefore, it is advisable to choose these settings carefully.

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