Focus Enterprise now has a new feature - automatically send an email notification when an annual leave request is granted or denied.


This new feature requires Focus Enterprise using Workflows and Focus Net (Web Portal).

What it does:

When an employee requests leave via his/her web portal log in, the request is sent electronically to their department manager.

Up until now, the department manager could electronically grant or deny a request for leave but had to manually advise the employee of the decision.
This new feature of Focus will instantly send an email to the employee advising him/her of the result of their leave request.


- Saves the time previously spent manually advising the result of leave requests.

- Eliminates human error due to forgotten notifications

- Employees are notified immediately resulting in any adjustments being made to their leave request without delay

What you need to do:

To take advantage of this brand new feature, simply contact our support team who will step you through the process of adding it to your Focus system.